We are looking for

  • contigous open spaces from 5 hectares minimum size
  • grassland and arable land in areas less favoured for agriculture
  • areas along highways or railways
  • conversion areas (industrial and commercial areas, former military properties, open-cast mining, etc.)
  • structures (fill-ups, landfills, dumps etc.)


We offer

  • free advice and non-binding planning law area assessment
  • fair and attractive lease models for at least 25-30 years
  • complete assumption of the risks and costs of project development – no investment required on the part of the area owner or the municipality


Our Promises: fairness, sustainability and competence

  • Whether feed-in tariffs apply or not – we at bejulo focus on the essentials: we develop future-oriented solar systems with legal certainty, we finance them economically and we build them solidly.
  • We stand for the fair treatment of all project partners, whether land lessor, municipality, investor, operator or electricity customer. It has to be worth it for everyone!
  • We are a stable partner for you.


Request advice and quotation now

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Your contacts

Axel Abt, Head of Project Development, 49 6131-2151-465

Stephanie Kopf, Project Development, 49 6131-2151-423

We speak English.

Our drive: make the energy turnaround easy

Turning the vague idea of ​​a sustainable energy supply into a functioning, conflict-free reality – reliable, cooperative and competent! This conviction drives us here at bejulo every day!

Our vision: decentralized, affordable and secure energy supply for everyone

For a successful turnaround in energy policy, it is essential that inexpensive and decentralized energy can replace fossil fuels in the near future. The energy from free-field photovoltaic systems is by far the cheapest renewable energy. The generation, use and marketing of solar energy is a long-term sustainable business model – even without subsidies!

Our goal: to optimally combine nature conservation and photovoltaics

Our solar parks are not just areas for energy production, but thanks to extensive management they create new habitats and stepping stone biotopes for small mammals, insects, birds and various types of plants. In this way, solar energy makes a valuable contribution to climate protection and promotes species and nature conservation in your region.