Turn Ideas Into Reality


What Makes Us Special

Many can do standard. We can as well. What sets us apart: We can do much more than standard. We call this a plus competence! And it goes far beyond what is necessary for the development and construction of normal solar systems. Does the site require an unusual system design or special components due to the surface structure or legal planning restrictions? No problem. We find the best solution. Does the project call for special coordination with authorities, customs or for individual specification of the required components? We take care of that for you.

Our competent and coordinated team develops, plans and constructs free-field solar systems worldwide. We are pragmatic and flexible. Short decision paths are essential for a successful project. Important for you: You always have a permanent contact person for your project within bejulo. Your direct contact is familiar with you and your project and will process all requirements, orders and questions concerning your project internally with the bejulo team. Our specialists have the necessary know-how and develop the best solution. All core competencies are in-house. This guarantees sound and, in particular, specialist advice tailored to your needs. It is important to us to advise you independently and to offer you the most technically and economically sensible solution. This means, among other things, that free-field solar systems planned and constructed by bejulo, will easily reach operating lives of far more than 20 years.

Project Development

We develop free-field solar parks with an output beyond 10 megawatt peak (MWp). Our services include the selection of suitable sites and assessment of any relevant planning laws and restrictions. Based on the latest GIS technology, we carry out feasibility and alternative site studies. We lease suitable sites for the construction of photovoltaic parks, plan and secure cable routes and take care of obtaining the building rights. Our aim is to reconcile the interests of landowners, municipalities, authorities and other associations right from the start, thus creating transparency and overall acceptance.

Project Management

As a general contractor, we are responsible for all services in a photovoltaic project. This includes coordinating well-known and reliable suppliers, banks, investors, project developers and other stakeholders. Our team has decades of experience in managing photovoltaic projects. That is why we have sophisticated project management processes and use an experienced partner network so that your project can be planned, built and operated smoothly and reliably. Our way of working is characterized by interdisciplinary and holistic thinking – we think through the entire project and not just parts of it. Our short decision paths are a particular plus for successful project management. Fast, agile and without administrative bureaucracy – that is what distinguishes us.

Technical Planning and Development

First of all: We offer tailor-made solutions. Nothing off the shelf! This means we carry out all technical planning steps ourselves putting us into the position to always identify the best solution. And because of our experience, we find a quick and easy solution. It may not always be conventional, but it will work in the long term. What is important to us: All staff involved in planning are also familiar with working on the construction site. This is how we ensure the technical planning develops only such scenarios that can be implemented on site. Moreover, all staff have project experience and know what is important. Regardless of this, we are always looking for direct contact with the project partners to discuss open issues personally – this creates acceptance. And when things get a bit more turbulent, we keep calm even in critical phases.

Purchase and Logistics

We generally strive for long-term, partnership-based relationships with our suppliers. Stability and reliability are our top priorities. Our worldwide supplier network has grown over the years. Our claim: We place the highest value on quality when purchasing goods and selecting suppliers. Conversely, our suppliers value us as a reliable business partner who has a good credit rating and stands for fair business conduct. Basically, we procure high-quality hardware that best suits the requirements of our customers or the project. Of course, we also organize the associated logistics on land, water and air – we know no insurmountable limits.


Here we get down to business! Every construction site represents a dynamic situation. The unpredictable always happens. Organizational talent and experience are required! Our site managers have more than 15 years of experience in the construction of large photovoltaic systems. They monitor the technical implementation on site. Due to this permanent presence and professional competence, we ensure the high quality of the systems we construct. The photovoltaic projects we have implemented are therefore characterized by high availability rates and profitability. It’s the details that make all the difference.

Technical Management and Service

Finally, even before the construction of a free-field solar system is completed, our customers regularly raise the question of the technical management of the site. Here we can be of assistance as well. The good thing: We know your new plant better than anyone else. As project developers, project managers and constructors, we know all the crucial points and how best to deal with them. High system availability and short downtimes are the key to the successful operation of a photovoltaic system. Our good network of experienced service partners stands for fast reaction times and thus reduces any potential downtimes to a minimum.

Our customers do not just get a solar park, but a unique system specially developed for them.

Barbara Küllmer
Project Management / COO

Without exception, our solar parks are tailor-made for our customers. Nothing comes off the shelf.

Peter Rüggeberg
Technical Management / CTO

High quality for all materials is my promise to our customers.

Sven Klosse
Purchase & Logistics

I build every PV park for our customers as if it were my own.

Jürgen Barz
Construction Management

Our systems are equipped with the latest remote monitoring technology. So we have everything in view at all times and can intervene quickly to secure our customers’ earnings.

Oliver Zachmann
Operations & Management