Our Energy: competence, commitment and teamwork


What Drives Us

Making the turnaround in the energy policy easy, thus contributing to sustainable energy supply – affordable, profitable, independent and secure! We at bejulo are striving to achieve this. And this conviction drives us every day.

And it’s more than just a conviction. Based on many years of experience in the solar industry, we know that solar energy is now a cheaper way of generating power for our customers than buying energy produced from fossil raw material sources. The generation, use and marketing of solar energy is a long-term sustainable business model – even without subsidies!

We emphasize that solar parks are not just areas for energy production, but can still be available to nature. Double use and biotope solar parks are the key words here. Use for energy generation and use as a flowering meadow (compensation area). And thus as a habitat for the local flora and fauna. Both are compatible with each other. In this way, solar energy makes a valuable contribution to protecting the climate and nature.

As this drives us on. The fact that our satisfied customers keep coming back for more is both a confirmation and an incentive for us. Many long-term and trusting partnerships with customers and suppliers have resulted from this.


The Team

Of course there are people behind all of this. People who are fully committed to solar energy and therefore to your project. Competent people with many years of experience in international projects in the field of photovoltaics. A small but powerful team with highly specialized experts that has been working together for our customers for many years. This well-coordinated team guarantees continuity, professionalism and competence in the implementation of your project.

Technical Responsibility

At bejulo the team concept is reality every day. Therefore it is reflected in our organization. What distinguishes us: the technical responsibility and decision-making authority rest with the team. Short decision paths, personal responsibility, flexibility and responsiveness are essential in our business and absolutely guaranteed with us in the best interest of our customers.

Project Management/COO

In the “Projects” department, we bundle the management, control and organization of the project business at bejulo acting as a link between all internal and external interfaces. From initiation through control and monitoring to the completion of the project, this is where all threads converge in order to provide our customers with the most suitable result for their particular needs.

Annika Eidt, pp.

Industrial Engineer

Has worked in the solar industry for 17 years

Expert in project management and negotiation

Many years of leadership in various companies as well as leading international teams and projects

Responsibility for quality management and process optimization

Speaks German, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Barbara Küllmer, pp.

Industrial Engineer

12 years of acquisition and project management experience in the solar sector

International project management competence with a focus on purchasing, cost control and implementation

Experience in project development

Speaks German, English and French

Technical Management/CTO

Our “Technology” department accompanies your projects from the first enery yield forecast through the coordination of the construction to commissioning and even beyond, in the technical operations management. We work on each project individually to achieve the best possible result for our customers. Thanks to our many years of international experience, we are ideally equipped to easily master country-specific challenges.

Peter Rüggeberg, pp.

Graduate Engineer

15 years of national and international experience in the technical planning and construction of PV projects

Expert in system design (calculation, dimensioning, component selection, CAD, PV Syst, documentation)

Grid connection planning and implementation in the low, medium and high voltage range

Technical site management

Plant certification

Speaks German and English

Commercial Management/CFO

The commercial management is responsible for all bookkeeping and monitors the company’s financial and liquidity planning.

Nadine Cherdron, pp.

Over 10 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics, including in the back office of acquisition and international sales as well as in project management

Responsible for accounting since the foundation of bejulo with constant expansion of the area of responsibility

central contact for all commercial issues

Speaks German and English

Head of Project Development

Our project development lays the foundation for self-developed, ready-to-build projects of the “bejulo” brand. Our experienced interdisciplinary team turns ideas into built reality. Cooperative, innovative, economical and sustainable.


Axel Abt

Graduate Engineer Urban Planning

Has worked as a urban planner for 23 years (member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects)

For 13 years in leading positions in project development and management of free-field PV systems (national / international approx. 1 GW projects developed)

Expert in planning and building law, as well as environmental and nature conservation issues

Development and implementation of project management processes

Speaks German and English

„There is no doubt that solar energy is THE energy source of the future. Photovoltaics has long outgrown the need for subsidies and is by far the cheapest way to generate electrical energy. We want to advance this further and strengthen it with all its direct and indirect technologies.“

Martin Görner, Managing Director

„We plan and construct long-lasting and profitable photovoltaic systems! We work together with partners who supply high quality components and materials. This is how we achieve the perfect and optimal solution for our customers.“

Bernd Schappert, Managing Director